Never  fear  the  truth

The series below is ongoing and is aptly titled Arrested Development
The video below is a continuation of Arrested development with a different twist of the same theme of corrupt public officials.

The events that lead this DA to believe she is being stalked are all here for all to see. As can be seen, nothing other than a professional composure was kept. What you see on this site is what she used to get two Judges to issue Temporary Protection Orders against carl and Paul. Do you perceive any threats? Did you hear her admit that my right to do exactly what we have every right to do was violated? Is the Clayton County Grand Jury her Personal or Public Domain or the Peoples?

Why would she be so afraid of our presentments? Does the issuance of those TPOs constitute more violations

against Paul and myself? Are they retaliatory?

The Supreme Court of this State stated both the power of a citizen to petition you and the duty you posses upon that petition.  Justice Hall stated in 1887 in the case of In re Lester, 77 Ga. 143 on page 148, that:


“It is the right of any citizen or any individual of lawful age to come forward and prosecute for offenses against the state, or when he does not wish to become the prosecutor, he may give information of the fact to the grand jury, or any member of the body, and in either case, it will become their duty to investigate the matter thus communicated to them, or made known to one of them, whose obligation it would be to lay his information before that body.”